The Unusual Isles

The Unusual Isles is currently my major writing project and my second young adult novel.


On May 29, 2011 the captain of a boat carrying 60 high school students carelessly drove the boat into the middle of a tropical storm, crashing the boat on a rock formation. Many were killed, some were rescued, and some were sent adrift in the Pacific Ocean left to survive on their own. This is their story...

Drosophilia Island:

Josh, Landon, Maddie, Miranda, and Tyler thought they were the lucky ones when they ended up on a private island owned by a rich scientist who showed them only hospitality. Even though the scientist was nothing but nice the them, Josh still thinks something is wrong with the island, but no one will believe him. By the time they find out the scientist's true intentions, will it be too late?

Abeona Island:

Bryce, Keane, Sam, Mackenzie, Paige, and Luke think they've landed on an normal deserted island until they encounter creatures that look like they shouldn't even exist. They never seem to catch a break running from flying cheetahs, killer eels, and a young boy who seems to be out to kill them all. The only question is how many of them will be alive by the time someone comes to rescue them.

Ignis Island:

Brooke and Cole seem surprised to end up on an island that had a village of people living on it for over 25 years! Just as their settling into life on the new island, and event occurs to make Brooke and Cole believe that not everyone on the island is in their right mind. They do their best to ignore all of the weird events, but will Brooke and Cole's mysterious past get in the way?

The Estrella:

Ellary and Brandon get picked up by a pirate ship with a Captain that seems both ruthless and loving at the same time. When both Brandon and the captain's son Enrique both fall head over heels for Ellary, they both literally engage in a battle for her love. But when the captain mistakes their identities for someone else, their love may have to come to an end, along with Ellary and Brandon's lives.

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