Works in Progress

This is a list of my current works in progress. There is a very good chance most of these will never get finished, but I will try my best to work on them

The Unusual Isles Sequel (Name not revealed yet)
This is my first priority of all of my works in progress. The events of the sequel pick up right from where The Unusual Isles left off, and it continues the adventures of the students as they all face new dangers.

The Middle Third
A book that has been in the works for about six months now, but I haven’t gotten very far in it yet. I have just recently decided to rewrite it to make it more suspenseful.
Summary: When Sienna Goldstein was invited to the White House as one of America’s best and brightest high school students to meet the president, the last thing she expected was to be abducted the second she arrived at the airport. Now her and twenty three more of the students are trapped in a mysterious complex and forced to compete in trials that will decide who is really the best of them all. The catch is, only eight of them will leave with their lives.

Prime Atlas
My first and currently failing attempt at a fantasy novel, although I don’t think I would really even consider this a fantasy story. The best way I can describe it is like a mixture between the animes Fairy Tail, One Piece, and Black Lagoon.
Summary: Gan was an average level magician on his way to military training when the boat he was on was attacked by a rebel group named Prime Atlas, the kingdom’s most powerful rebel group, that only consists of six people possessing almost all the different type of magic in the kingdom wind, earth, water, fire, plant, and shadow, that sails the seas attack navy ships. The group takes an interest in him because of ability to use healing magic, the only power the group does not possess. He then learns what it’s like to live as an outlaw, and get accommodated to the strange family dynamic the group possesses and begins to feel at home. It’s not long before he learns secrets about why the government is herding up so many magicians.

Truth Within Secrets (working title)
This is one of my favorite stories I have ever come up with, and I also have almost the entire plot line planned out, but I am having an extremely hard time putting it into words and only have about 700 words of it written. There is a good chance this may never be written.
Summary: One ordinary night at Oakwood University, Kalia Thompson was found murdered in her dorm room. A student named Wes was immediately charged for her murder and all the evidence pointed towards him. However, a month before his trial is to take place, seven students from the college with no apparent connections to each other or to Kalia start receiving random text messages from an unknown source. The messages suggest that Wes isn’t the real murder, and each one of them holds a secret, no one knows about that will lead them to the person who was really responsible for her death. In order for them to solve the murder, they each must learn to trust each other and find the strength to reveal the secrets they tried so hard to hide.

Ideas that Might Never Even Become a Story

These are other ideas I have to write about, but haven’t gotten the chance to put down on paper yet, and there is a good chance I may never get around to writing them.

Everland (Peter Pan spin-off)
Summary: A girl had just graduated high school and is spending the summer before college hanging out with her friends as much as she can before they all go their separate ways. She find it strange where she begins to visit a place called Everland in her sleep, the broken down and decayed version of Neverland. She meets a boy named Pete who tells here the place had been a dumping ground for people who leave behind their memories childhood and move on with their lives. The more she visits the place, the more she becomes attached to it and the more hesitant she becomes to attend college in the fall. As she faces her internal struggle as to what she wants to do with her life, she must dive into her past and come to term with events in order to decide if she’s ready to move on.

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