Friday, July 18, 2014

The Unusual Isles Inspired Stories

So, on Figment I am an admin of a group called Capital Contests where we run fun contests and other writing related fun activities. The creator of the group Mimi allowed me to run a contest in the group in order to promote The Unusual Isles. The challenge basically to create a story based off the title The Unusual Isles. They could interpret it any way they wanted to.
            I only ended up getting two entries for the contest, which was disappointing, but it was a close call for me on who I ended up picking as the winner and I wanted to share their stories with you guys!
            I ended up picking Figment user Kindle as the winner of the challenge for her piece Mysterious “the Isles”. It was about a girl who went to a mysterious island against her uncle’s wishes and ultimately gets trapped there forever. When I read it for the first time it automatically intrigued me and the whole story kept me interested. It was written very well with basically no grammar errors I could immediately see. Just by her one piece I could tell that she was a very talented writer and has a lot of writing potential. It’s a very good and quick read and I highly recommend you check it out along with her other works!

Here is a link to Kindle’s story and Figment profile if you want to know more about her:
Kindle's Figment profile -

            The other entry in the contest was by Figment used Jennie F. Lee with her piece The Northern Trident. She took on a spin on the title I never expected to see, but loved at the same time. She wrote about a group of mermaids who had to retrieve a trident from the Shadow Boys who had stolen it from them. The only reason it didn’t win because it lacked the direction that Kindle’s story had and also the development of the main character. Overall I still really enjoyed the piece (I love mermaid stories) and it’s another enjoyable read.

Here’s the links to Jennie’s story and Figment profile to get to know more about her:
Jennie's Figment profile -

Thank you to Kindle and Jennie for their entries and I really did enjoy reading their pieces!


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