Monday, September 1, 2014

Summer Update!

I start school again tomorrow, so here's an update with some other things I've been doing over the summer. 
I think by my pervious blog posts it’s been obvious as to what I’ve been up to this summer. Obviously my big accomplishment was finally publishing The Unusual Isles which was an awesome experience. This time around the self-publishing experience was a lot more pleasant because I used a better company and also had a lot more support. I have also obviously been taking part in ANGA as you have read about in many previous blog posts, so I won’t go into detail about that.
            I have also been working on a few other small projects that aren’t nearly as important for me at the moment. I am working on a collection to 100 haikus. I took a 100 day art prompt from Deviantart and decided to write a haiku on each theme. I realized during ANGA that I am terrible at writing haikus so I thought this would be good practice. I will admit that I only have about 15 done and I don’t know if this project will ever get finished.
            I also participated in another group called Figment’s Next Top Writer: Summer Camp. I wasn’t nearly as involved in this as I was ANGA, but it was still a fun experience. I won one of the writing workshops and I found quite hilarious. We were given a character outline and told to write a certain scenario about her. The character happened to be a swimmer, so I took a lot of inspiration from an anime I watch named Free! about a bunch of swimming guys. I got a lot of comments on it saying how good it was because they could tell I was a swimming in real life, which I’m not. I guess that anime really ended up helping me.
            I also had a few side novels I wanted to work on, both of which got absolutely nowhere. One was a college murder sort of detective story where seven students try to figure out the murder of this one girl. I hit a wall with this one almost as soon as I started it. The other was about a prestigious school that only lets one third of the senior class graduate due to its very interesting graduation standards. I decided I want to restructure this one to make it darker, more like a manga I read called Dolls Code.
            I have also started writing the sequel to The Unusual Isles and it currently sits at around 8,000 words. I still have some plot holes and things I need to clear up in this story.
            So that’s what I’ve been up to over the summer. When I start school my writing time will be very limited, which is sad, but I know I’ll find the time to write somewhere.

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