Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Ask the Author! #3

Today’s question comes from Sylvanie Van Huesen.

If a movie was being made, 1) Would you want to be involved, 2) How would you want to be involved(actor, director, producer, costumer designer) and 3) Given the choice, who would you cast as the characters?

I absolutely love this question just because it’s something I’ve thought about many times before. 

I’m going to answer this question in regards to The Unusual Isles.

Firstly, yes, I would definitely want to be involved with it; probably mostly as a screen writer to make sure that they don’t screw anything up like they do to most book adaptations. That’s why I think that this book in particular would work better as a mini TV series because there is a lot of action in the book and not a whole lot that you can take out without it majorly affecting the plot in some kind of way. I also think being an actor would be cool, just because I would love to get to experience something like that. I would be happy playing any of the characters, but if given the choice, I would want to be Ellary just because she is the main female lead in the book, and she’s also one of my favorite characters.

For the twin brothers Luke and Bryce, I would want Dylan and Cole Sprouse to play them, just because they fit the physical description so well.

For Keane, I would want Dayo Okeniyi, who played Thresh in the Hunger Games to play him. Keane’s character is similar to Thresh in terms of personality wise so I think he would do a good job at playing him.

For Maddie, I think Anna Kendrick would do a good job playing her. Although she doesn’t match Maddie’s physical description, I think she would do a good job playing her character wise.

For Ellary, I’m not really sure who I would want just because she’s one my favorite characters and I’m really particular about her. The person I think who would do the closest job of what I would want form Ellary would probably be Diana Argon.

Harvey I would love to see played by Woody Harrelson. I think that he would be great at playing the crazy character that Harvey is and also bring a bit a comic relief to his character.

For Brooke, I think Vanessa Marano from Switched at Birth would be the best for her character.

*note: I do wish that most of these actors would be younger so they were actual high school age, or at least around that age.
**You can find some descriptions of the characters on an earlier blog post or on my Facebook page.
I have thought about who I would want cast, at least for certain characters.

The rest of the character I can’t think of anyone to play them at the time, or just don’t really see any well known actor playing them.


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