Monday, September 30, 2013

September Update (Update #4)

I have one word for everyone. iPad. This thing has been the single biggest distraction for me ever since our school decided everyone should have them. Was I skeptical of the iPad at first? Yes I was. Did I complain about not even wanting it in the first place? Yes I did. Now, do I use it almost 50% of my day? Yes I do.

It’s almost come to the point where my iPad is a replacement for my laptop. It’s much more convenient to pull out, and it had a much longer battery life.

This is really bad for my writing just because that whenever I turned on my laptop before, I would feel guilty that I wasn’t working on my story and I might look at a page or two. Now that I’m not even turning on my laptop, I don’t even feel that guilt.

This is not only a distraction for my writing, but also for my school work as well. I’ll tell myself, “I’ll just take a second to check on my Dragonvale game or check my Youtube subscriptions” and then two hours later, I’m still on my iPad and I’ve accomplished nothing.

So basically, the whole month of September, I’ve accomplished nothing other than looking into copyrights and self publishing companies, which although is very useful, has not helped my make any progress on any of my writing.


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  1. I feel you. I recently banned myself from Pinterest because it seemed to suck up basically any free time I had.