Sunday, March 15, 2015

Writer Problem #3: I Am My Own Worst Critic

I think this is a problem that many writers face pretty often. It’s the same with artists, singers, musicians, sports players, and basically everyone else in the world. I think a good portion of my writing is terrible and I don’t want people to ever read it.
            My best example here is my first novel The Year of the Elephant. I can’t even read it anymore I think it’s so bad. I spent so little time on editing it, the plot line is everywhere, and that character’s aren’t the great either. It’s easy to tell that I wrote myself into a corner in various places and made up some very unrealistic scenarios in order to get myself out of those corners. It’s a good thing no one can find a copy of it anywhere anymore.
            I think that with writers, we tend to be very critical of ourselves. We know our best writing, so anything slightly less than that we think is awful because we know we can do better. In a way, this makes it very hard to finish a book, and I am going through this process right now.
            I took down The Unusual Isles because I don’t think it’s as good as it could be. I think I published it too early, I didn’t spend enough time editing, and I looked over some stylistic details that I could’ve easily changed. Is it a bad thing I took it down? Well, not really because I just want to make it better. But at the same times, it’s my obsession with perfection that keeps me from getting a lot accomplished. 


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